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December 11, 2003 by alianess
What I’ve learned so far:

1. That as much as it is important to think ahead and plan for the future, it is equally important to take care of the details of today. I have spent so much time existing in realm that is so focused on future accomplishments and goals both material and spiritual that I have realized my constant ambition is in someway counter productive. The details of each daily task, done well, make up a successful tomorrow.

2. Being in Love, is never doubting your partner. I r...
November 24, 2003 by alianess
On September 2 2003 I moved from a city of 4,682,897 people to a city of 116,152.

I was born and raised my entire life in the right ventricle of the heart of downtown, 4,682,897 (except for a year, when I was in high school my family temporarily moved to a city of 7,172,000). When I went away to art school it was to a city of 582,045 and by comparison that seemed small already. My whole life has been urban centric. I did travel to many smaller communities and spend many summers at cottages...
November 13, 2003 by alianess
i wonder how many more gulps i can swallow of "the Chorisy, Cyclosy, Peripraxy, and Apeiry of Space" before my brain explodes.
as much as i love it please make it stop.

good god.

charles sanders peirce, i gno u were a genius - i loved that you took ur werk 2 the nxt level n infused it with humour, but this would have been much more fun if u were here 2 banter in person.

i had neg idea that it would b like this.